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+ Anthology: 'The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories,' edited by Otto Penzler
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A Little Bit Wonky by scandalbaby (Sherlock Holmes/Amy Pond| PG | BBC)
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Grain Of Sand In An Hourglass by scandalbaby (Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, OMC & OFCs| PG-13 | BBC)
"Sleeping With Angels" by angstytimelord (Will Graham/Sherlock Holmes| PG-13 | BBC)
And With These Hands I Shall by biswholocked (Lestrade, Sherlock | PG-13 | BBC)
my very soul demands you by scandalbaby (erlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, John Watson/Mary Morstan, Bill Wiggins | PG-13 | BBC)

Drabbles, Ficlets and 221Bs
The Valley of Fear, Part One: Run by debriswoman (G | ACD)
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The Valley of Fear, part 1 by okapi1895 (G | ACD)
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two bingo fills

Two bingo fills under here (in theory)

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That about sums it up.

(How awesome was Martin?  That awesome. THAT AWESOME.)


If you didn't like it,  don't bother to tell me.  You'll be wrong and then we'll have to quarrel.  Angry words will be exchanged, allegations will be leveled, mistakes will be made.

(ALSO: Lestrade is so hot.  It's just not right how hot Lestrade is.   Someone hire Molly a stylist, yeah? Please?)

Spoiler? Not really.....

...I mean, we already know...

...and have long known...

Sherlock is...


Good thing he's cute.   Really good thing he's cute.  ;)

An Adult Dr Who!

That'll make a nice change.

He maybe won't have to fall in love with every shop girl who walks by...

Why isn't it Silver Fox Saturday??

Why isn't every Saturday

Silver Fox

But why? Why? I mean, why? Why? (Four excellent questions, no?)
Why?  No, really, why?

It's a bit awesome.  A really big bit.  And it contains an actually trained actor, who steals every scene he's in.

Also:  "put on a red shirt..."   Were more ominous words ever spoken?